The Coolest Way To Die

Alexa Madaj, if given an option one day by Death (who would sit at her kitchen table and kindly wait for her to finish washing her dishes), will “peace out” by drifting around space until she runs out of breath. Morbid in awesome kind of way. Good read!

Consonants and Bowels



Because of the way our brains process sensory information as it comes in, we often get our best ideas while we’re trying to fall asleep. As a writer and a sleep lover, this is probably one of the most frustrating facts of life. This isn’t going to be some delve into the human mind about what happens to our bodies when we shut out all the incoming data and finally have some real alone time. This is going to be about the best before sleep idea I’ve ever had.

I figured out how I want to die. That’s right. Death. Let’s talk about it.

Several months ago I checked out pretty much every space related DVD the library had to offer. I have a real issue with watching television due to the amount of commercials, so I check out a lot of movies from the library. Unfortunately, my DVD…

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