6 word narratives

I have been writing a lot, but not posting to my blog because I’m kind of confused about what to do with my content. I’ve been submitting a few things to contests and literary magazines, and deleting various things off my blog to avoid the “no previous publishing, including blogs” rule that seems to reside in most submission guidelines. This is totally understandable, but I kind of miss my blog. I’ve been seeing a lot of these 6 word (10 etc) narratives floating around lately. I wrote them for submission, but now I’m deciding I just kind of want to share them here.

If you have any ideas or your own experience on how to separate (or don’t) your blog content from what you want to see in print, I’d most definitely appreciate hearing about it.

In other news, here is my attempt at 6 word narratives. I realize some of them paint a larger story while some read like punchlines, and wish to improve those. Feedback is most welcome. This was an awesome exercise that I’m planning on doing again. Next time, I will probably end up with less, but that’s okay. You will have fun too, I’m sure.

Bathroom love
Bathroom stalls tell me I’m beautiful.

Lock your doors! Black man!

I’ll teach that cyberbully a lesson.

One and only
The man for me is dead.

After work relaxation
I hear oceans in wine glasses.

Coming and going
My boyfriend pulls out…the driveway.

Grocery shopping
NEW! Soap Paper Towels are unnecessary.

Inner child
My shrink is a little boy.

School’s out forever
I will pay attention this time.

Childless. A baby can mean anything.

Nine to five
Co-workers talk about weather. The end.

Grandma’s body is in Grandpa’s grave.

It’s a date
The automated voice message called back.

New hire was fired years ago.

Customer snaps his fingers. Waitress snaps.

The order
Blowjob with fries, please. Thank you.

Breaking news
6 word stories read like headlines.

How to reach an audience
Writers somewhere between confidence and humility.

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