Time zones

I’m seriously challenged when it comes to time zones. I have an interview with this guy at 11:00 in mountain time. I wrote down in my notes yesterday: Sarah, this means you call this bro at 10:00 (INCORRECT). This morning I call him at 9:00 a.m. central time (Nope) when he’s just walking into his office door (in Utah). I’m all chipper, and he’s like uhhhh can you call me back in two hours, my friend?

And now that I still have to interview this guy I will probably say something about how mild the winter was here and make that conversation last 10 excruciating minutes, and he will be silent when I laugh at my own jokes. And to segue that conversation I will ask him about his childhood or his biggest fear, and he’ll be like uh, is this relevant? And I will be like, yes it is because I don’t exactly care about the new and latest even though I know it’s your job to discuss those things, and it’s my job to care, or at least pretend to.

Or I will accidentally tell him my age, and he’ll be like wow, I remember my first big kid job or when my bones didn’t ache. Or I will tell him that I really need a vacation because I no longer care which version of your/you’re is used in a sentence. And all the while my stomach will gurgle because of how uncomfortable I am, or because I’m hungry, and I will not have eaten my lunch yet because I will be all botched up on time. I’m supposed to eat my lunch at 10 a.m. everyday because I never make it to noon.

And by the time I’m done thinking all these things, I will get myself to laugh about how dumb all this sounds.

Are you done now?

Do you feel better?

Hey, the interview will go just fine.

Breathe, girl.




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